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About Us

Uni-Group Engineers, Inc.


Uni-Group Engineers, Inc. is a mechanical engineering practice.  Since 2002, we have been providing quality mechanical engineering design and construction administration services. As a small company, Uni-Group is highly efficient and exceptionally dedicated to providing quality service to our clients.

Our Core Services

Building Heating and Ventilation Systems
Building Plumbing Systems
Building Energy Analysis     
Design-Build Projects
Planning and Project Scoping Services
Construction Administration Services
Building Condition Surveys
Design Standards Development
Design Review Services
Special Projects


In addition to our core mechanical engineering services, we provide a full discipline of services, including civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, control systems, and cost estimating, through our alliance firms. 

Our Philosophy


We take pride in the fact that we have a sustained record of successes in various types of projects.  We attribute our success to these key elements of our principles of practices.


Emphasis on the Constructability of the Design 


We believe the design and the Construction Documents should realistically represent the constructability of the intended installation.  Throughout our design process, we think in terms of not only ensuring the fit of the system installations, but also the construction sequencing.


Emphasis on the Quality of the Construction Documents 


We believe our extra efforts invested in ensuring the completeness and clarity of the Construction Documents pays dividends for the entire project team. In addition, over the past 5 years, we have invested in converting our Construction Documents to a fully-utilized AutoDesk REVIT platform, creating the ability to successfully integrate with our design team counterparts while creating a high-quality 3-D presentation of our design. 


Emphasis on Engagement with the Users


We believe it is important to engage the users and the building operation and maintenance personnel throughout the design process to develop a consensus on the optimal solution for the building mechanical systems.  It is our experience that this consensus is crucial not only for the proper development of the design approach but also in the successful operation of the building mechanical systems beyond the completion of the project.


Emphasis on Lessons Learned


We believe there is a need for continuous, realistic feedback from the construction perspective into the design perspective.  As a practice, we strive to always maintain excellent relationships with the contractor community and ask for feedback and recommendations on how we can further improve our designs and documents.



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