Public Facilities and Schools

Anchorage Public Health Laboratory, BSL 3 HEPA Bag-In/Bag-Out System Retrofit (2003)

Mental Health Trust Authority Original Office Renovation, Anchorage (2005)

Mental Health Trust Authority New Office Renovation, Anchorage (2007)

National Guard Readiness Center Mechanical Upgrades, Kodiak (2007)

Boney Courthouse Boiler Replacement, Anchorage (2008)

Fish and Wildlife Service Cabins, Various Locations (2008)

Petersburg Vocational Education Building Renovation, Petersburg (2009)

State of Alaska Kenai Combined Facility (Old Courthouse) HVAC Upgrades, Kenai (2009)

State of Alaska DOT/PF Aviation Building Skywalk Snow Melt Systems, Anchorage (2009)

Akiachak Public Safety Building, Akiachak (2009)

State of Alaska DOT/PF Sterling Weigh Station, Sterling (2010)

Ft. Wainwright CH47 Flight Simulator Building, Ft. Wainwright (2010)

Ft. Richardson Geronimo Gym Restroom Ventilation Upgrades, Ft. Richardson (2010)

State of Alaska DPS Fairbanks Trooper Building HVAC Upgrades, Fairbanks (2011)

State of Alaska DHSS Fairbanks Youth Facility Mechanical Upgrades, Fairbanks (2011)

Bethel Police Station, Bethel (2011)

State of Alaska DHSS Juneau Pioneer Home Fuel Oil and Cooler/Freezer Upgrades, Juneau (2012)

Nikiski Fire Station, Nikiski (2012)

Ninilchik Fire/EMS Station, Ninilchik (2013)

Galena Court Build Out, Galena (2015)


HVAC Upgrade Projects at the following Anchorage School District schools,


Benny Benson School (2002)

Ursa Minor Elementary School (2002)

Chinook Elementary School (2002)

Airport Heights Elementary School (2003)

Fire Lake Elementary School (2004)

Huffman Elementary School (2004)

College Gate Elementary School (2004)

Willow Crest Elementary School (2005)

Mt. Spurr Elementary School Music Room Acoustics Retrofit (2006)

ASD Warehouse HVAC Upgrades (2007)

Northstar Elementary School (2007)

Inlet View Elementary School (2007)

Klatt Elementary School (2009)

Mt. View Elementary School (2012)

Tudor Elementary School (2012)

Huffman Elementary Generator Upgrade (2014)

Turnagain Elementary Generator Upgrade (2014)


Domestic Water Piping Upgrade Projects at the following Anchorage School District schools,


Airport Heights Elementary School (2005)

Northstar Elementary School (2005)

Whaley School (2006)

Huffman Elementary School (2007)

Gruening Middle School (2007)

Campbell Elementary School (2008)

ASD Facilities/Maintenance Labar Facility (2008)

Mt. View Elementary School (2012)

Susitna Elementary School (2012)


Restroom and Classroom Renovation Projects at the following Anchorage School District schools,


Steller Alternative School, Science Wing Renovation (2003)

Romig Middle School, Restroom Upgrades (2003)

West High School, Restroom Upgrades (2004)

Gruening Middle School, Restroom Upgrades (2005)

Susitna Elementary School, Restroom Upgrades (2005)





Night view of Sterling Weigh Station

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