Housing and Residential

Wolverine 4-Plex Apartments, Wasilla (2002)

8-Unit Special Needs Apartment Condo, Wasilla (2004)

Bethel Housing Complex, Bethel (2005)

Platinum Fish Processing Resident Camp, Platinum (2006)

Aurora Square Condos, Anchorage (2007/2008/2009)
Quad Shot Condos, Anchorage (2007)

Atwood House, Anchorage (2007)

Forrest Village Replacement 8-Plex, Anchorage (2008)

East Glacier Hotel, Seward (2008)

Igigig-Kokhanak Housing, Ig-Kok (2009)

Emmonak Bunk House, Emmonak (2009)

Fish and Wildlife Service Midway Island Resident Building AC Upgrades, Midway Island (2009)

Lumen Senior Housing Complex, Anchorage (2010)

Seaview Apartment, Seward (2010)

Dimond Willow Inn, Delta Junction (2010)

Habitat for Humanity Oklahoma Commons Condos, Anchorage (2010)

Major Marine 12-Plex Employee Residence, Seward (2011)

Bethel River Housing, Bethel (2011)

Anchorage Community Mental Health Services Juneau Drive 4-Plex, Anchorage (2012)

NIHA 4-Bedroom House, Prototype (2012)

TNHA NSB Housing, Prototype (2012)

Catholic Social Services Clare House Renovation, Anchorage (2012)

Kodiak NWR Replacement Triplex , Kodiak (2014)

Bennett Residence, Anchorage ( 2014)

Thomas Center for Senior Leadership, Anchorage  (2014)

Moravian Samaritan's Purse Dormitory, Bethel (2014)

Northwest  Inupiat Housing Authority Ambler Housing Units, Prototype (2014)

Bethel Norma Jean Multi-Family Housing Conversion, Bethel  (2015)

Pt. Lay Teacher Housing  Facility Pt. Lay (2015)

Labor Union Broderick Apartment, Anchorage (2015)










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