Modular Construction

Wildwood Correction Center Modular Addition, Wildwood Correction Center (2009)

Halliburton Test Lab Building, Mobile Modules, Kenai (2009)

Montessori School, Modular Construction, Anchorage (2009)

Northland Services Modular Office (2009)

Kensington Mine Resident Camp, Kensington (2009)

Kensington Office Modules, Kensington (2009)

Delta Express Kitchen, Dining, and Recreation (KDR) Modular Construction (2009)

ATCO 6– and 8-Man Mobile Modules (2010)

Mobile Office, Connex Adaptation (2010)

Brenntag Office Building (2010)

Aurora Hotel Addition, Deadhorse (2010)

Pioneer Permanent Camp (2010)

ATCO CAP Lavatory Building (2010)

Delta Leasing Office Modules (2010)

Builders Choice Inc. Lavatory Modules (2010)

ICE Services Office Addition (2010)

Coeur Kensington Shower Modules (2010)

TNHA Rental Units (2011)

UOSS-CP Office Building Modules (2011)

Akutan Airport Construction Camp (2011)

Williams Scotsman 60-Man Camp (2011)

Alutiiq 60-Man Camp (2011)

ATCO 10X35 Lavatory Modules (2011)

Builders Choice Inc. Security Module (2011)

KIC Boiler Modules, Kotzebue (2011)

Aurora Hotel 30-Module Addition, Deadhorse (2011)

Greens Creek Camp Development, Juneau (2011)

Kensington Kitchen, Dining, and Recreation (kDR) Modules (2011)

Builders Choice Inc. Vacuum Toilet Modules (2011)

Alutiiq Repsol 60-Man Camp (2011)

ICE Services 128-Man Camp (2011)

Gulkana Housing Modules (2012)

Pogo Mine Addition (2012)

Exxon Point Thomson 200-Man Camp, Point Thomson (2012)

ATCO 24X58 Kitchen Modules (2012)

Williams Scotsman 200-Man Camp (2012)

ENI 68-Man Camp Addition (2012)

Olgoonik 16-Bed Camp (2012)

Deadhorse Camp Conversion, Deadhorse (2015)

Oceans of Beauty Camp, Cordova (2017)














A typical module camp.

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